Brown Hot Water From Tap? Here is What It Means!

To maintain the balance of body fluids, drinking water helps a lot.  Your body consists of approximately 60% water. To have safe drinking water which is usually the cold tap water is very important for us. Also, hot water is one of the most essential parts of our livelihood.

Brown tap water can be a product of something that has happened to the water mains, or it can be a matter of internal plumbing or relation to the water mains of your house.

Sometimes water from taps appears brown when some dirt, minerals, and sediments get deposits in pipes and get mixed with pure drinking water of our houses. Brown water may also be triggered by a rusty pipe within your plumbing system or by sediment build-up in your water heater.

Are scared or frustrated from brown hot water flowing from your taps?

Don’t worry! We are here for you to provide you with some causes of hot brown water flow and other different valuable information for you, so let’s get started from here…

What does Brown hot water mean?

An unexpected pipe disturbance or changes in pipes and deposition of sediments, dirt, and pipe rusting results in your taps running brown, orange, or a deep yellow.  We would not suggest drinking or using water from a tap flowing brown water,  without advice from your water company as it may have an unpleasant taste, unhygienic sometimes.

What causes brown hot water?

Although a lot of water companies are working to reduce this brown water flow problem, by removing old pipes or floating sediments from pipes, and the debris that is being built up-in pipes, but rust of pipe manages somehow to get mixed up in your clean water and flows in your pipe from several ways.

Brown Hot Water from a residential tap

Is it safe to take a shower in brown hot water?

Although, the water is not unsafe or poisonous. The brown water you see could be the product of too much iron in it. Iron is a common metal in soil that occurs naturally and is found in your drinking water.

But, Normally we consider hot brown water as dirty water, and yes it is dirty water as it is a result of a mixture of some unhealthy dust and sediments. These sediments may also be stirred up by main breaks and neighbouring construction and cause the water to change colour.

We would like to recommend that you should not bath with brown dirty water until you are unaware of what caused your water brown. You should be concerned about your health and skin irritation as well.

It may cause your skin irritation and allergy sometimes. So don’t use those water until and unless you repair your taps or get rid of your dirty brown water problems.

You shouldn’t think it’s okay to drink brown and other discoloured tap water.

We are really worried about all of you that we would like to suggest that unless your water is tested by a special water company, we recommend that you do not drink and bath with hot Brown Water.

We suggest that you do not use this water because hot brown water is not the result of a good mixture in your water. As we’ve already said, hot brown water is caused due to sediment deposition, soil, and rusting of pipes.

What are the solutions if my water runs brown?

First of all, run all taps for flowing hot water and flowing cold water taps, and make sure that brown dirty water is either flowing from cold tap water or hot tap water.

If your hot water tap is running dirty brown water, there’s a problem with your water heater that you need to fix or replace your heater.

If it is flowing from a cold water tap then it’s more than likely a rusted pipe. You need to flush your pipes continuously for some minutes and wait for  20-30 minutes and then turn your tap again. Again, if the tap flows brown water then, you can change your pipe because it is a sign that you pipe has rusted completely and is not repairable now .you must call a professional plumber.

And still, if your problem does not go then you must consult with a water supplier company and complain about your water conditions. Having any of these signs then you can clearly know what is the main problem with your water supply systems.


Water is the most important for our life, drinking healthy water maintains a balance of body fluid.  Tap brown water has a root cause and can be fixed with some solutions. We have provided you with some easy solution above.  If you follow the remedy, we have provided to you then we can assure you that you will get rid of your problem easily.

We hope that as usual, we were able to provide solutions to your problems and meet your standards. Hope you got a complete guide to your problems. Lastly, we would like to advice not to cooperate with any kind of plumbing issues ( as it might be an indication of something bad going on ) and consult a local professional plumber like A Plumber Cairns.

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